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Software Development

SymBios is a mature IT services provider with a considerable market experience and a number of regular customers. We consider that customers, as well as projects, should be approached on an individual basis, and this is where SymBios expertise comes in handy. The way we choose a methodology depends on the specific requirements of each client and project. As a company with a dynamic environment we adopt a responsive and adaptable approach in order to achieve success and provide our customers with high-quality products and services. Besides the automation of all development processes makes the way we work transparent for our clients. We base our development process on such core classical methodologies as RUP, MSF and CMMI and actively use modern approaches - Agile software development, particularly the Scrum based model, and DDD. Whatever model we choose, we guarantee high quality of our products and adherence to the customer’s budget.

Software Development Methodology

SymBios follows a full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Once you have chosen SymBios Tech for development work, the next steps are simple.

Defining Project Scope

After you submit your Request for Quote, SymBios forms a core team that gathers knowledge about the business area of the project, formalizes requirements for the product and prepares vision/scope documents for your project. The team prepares the functional specifications, works the design process through, and prepares work plans, cost estimates and schedules for the various deliverables.


The Development stage starts from designing and creating such technical documentation as Technical Design Documents (TDD), Project Plans and Test Plans. SymBios team also prepares product prototype for proof of concept, which allows the customer to review the future system and to give their feedback at an early stage of the development. Upon implementation of features according to the plan the team integrates implemented features, performs the development test, and creates the user guide


In this stage the solution with completed features undergoes its testing in realistic environmental conditions. The team focuses on resolving and prioritizing bugs and preparing the solution for release. Testers develop the test plan, test cases, scripts, the system and verify that it all operates according to the specification. After testing, the team launches the application.

Deliver Product to Customer

SymBios delivers to its customers not just a Product but a Solution. Moreover, as part of maintenance and support services the company can improve product usability and consult on product usage.

A typical software package includes:

  • Software product
  • Quality Assurance documentation
  • Technical requirements documentation and design documentation
  • User's Guide
  • Installation program and instructions
  • Documented source code
  • Maintenance instructions

All intellectual property rights and software source code are retained by the customer.

The development team keeps supporting the system after installation and provides a warranty.