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Infinity Suite Infinity
Infinity is a comprehensive information management system for schools, colleges and teaching institutes managing education. It is designed to meet the unique requirements for empowering the education institutes to perform operations in a very efficient way. The system enables an institute to move from paper/people centric institute to paperless/people independent institute. It fosters effective management, better co-ordination and optimum utilization of resources. It rovides accurate and relevant information to users enabling them to take faster and quicker decisions.
Quest Quest
The last three decades has seen extraordinary advances in computer driven information and technology, better known as the information technology revolution. The availability of computing power is increasing and prices are reducing. The convergence of powerful computers with high-speed communication links is leading to changes in the society’s use of technology. The student community is using the vast amounts of digital data in many different ways for better and faster learning. Today, every single student is “touched” by the information technology revolution.