SymBios technologies
Infinity Suite
Infinity is the trusted choice of school administrators across India. Infinity software is designed to meet the unique student information management needs of all types of schools - public, private and international, elementary to high school. The school software easily adapts to different boards of education like State, ICSE and CBSE. It can co-exist with multiple boards or can be a standalone system for each board. The application can cater to multiple schools within one institute.
Each product is designed with functionality keeping in mind the exposure of a school to automation. The higher the maturity of the school to automation the more advanced product, the school can adopt. SymBios Technologies has defined SAM (School Automation Maturity) Level and based on the SAM Level a product from the Infinity suite is chosen for deployment in a school.
School Automation Maturity
SAM is an evaluation methodology pioneered by SymBios Technologies to ascertain the exposure level of a school to automation. Based on a questionnaire and the responses from principal, administration staff and teachers, automation exposure score is calculated. The range of score provides SAM Level of a school.
School Automation
The Infinity suite of products is designed to suite the school's exposure to automation so that adoption and success rates are high. If the school's exposure is limited, entry level automation package is suitable so that staff and teachers get accustomed for automation. The entry level package also comes with a robust training schedule to enable the staff and teachers to adopt technology. Once the exposure to automation levels increases, the school can progressively adopted advanced packages. All Infinity suites of products can seamlessly integrate with minimal effort.
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