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Infinity Platinum
infinity Platinum
Infinity Platinum is an advanced ERP which integrates various different functional areas of school spread across various locations within the campus or outside of the campus. Platinum integrates Hostel, Canteen, School and Library-the four distinct units of a large school. The integration is seamless and provides one point of view to the school to manage the operations in a very efficient way. The product uses smart card to register and track the student/staff movement within the campus, integrates with RFID readers to record the attendance and integrates with payment systems to pay at the canteen counter.
The Platinum version also focuses on the continuous improvement. Platinum has dedicated performance improvement plan modules for staff and students. The platinum version enables to identify students who are underperforming, plan a focused curriculum bootstrapping the student to perform better. The performance evaluations of teachers are objectively evaluated enabling the institute to govern promotions and salary increments better.
Infinity Platinum streamlines the admission process. It provides features for parents to apply for a school on-line, track the evaluation results and intimation of short listing of candidates. The admission process is integrated with bar code scanners to track the student from the time of application to the time of release of the student from the school.
Advanced ERP for schools
Smart card payment at canteen, hostel, etc
Suitable for schools with automation maturity level of SAM-4
Pre-admission process enabled on-line