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Infinity Standard
Infinity Standard
Once a school realizes the benefit of efficiency in operations, the consequent step is to take the adoption process to the next level. Infinity Standard provides a platform to integrate a key aspect of school operations – Finance. Infinity Standard focuses on the School Accounting, Budgeting and Finance Management, helps in tracking the fee collection, budgeting and expense management providing appropriate alerts for student fee payments (due next month, overdue amounts, etc), alerts for under utilization of budgets, alerts for exceeding spending, etc. Infinity Standard provides various regulatory reports that are required by school to be submitted to government on routine basis. In short, the application helps in improving school's accounting procedures, budgeting methods and finance reporting.
Infinity Standard includes an integrated transport module enabling school to streamline school transport management. The application has features to enable outsourcing of transport to third party, fee collection and payment for transport, listing of students who have opted for using school transport, etc. Integrates with Quest (another industry leading product from SymBios Technologies) to provide access to parents to see kids attendance, performance, lodge a complaint against a school/teacher or pay fee online. The product provides a platform to connect students, teachers and parents.
Infinity Standard lays a strong foundation for a school to adopt automation in a bigger way.
Integrates with an accounting package reducing duplicate work or dual entry
Integrated with transport management system
Suitable of schools with automation maturity level of SAM-2
Ready integration with Tally (leading accounting package in India)
Ready integration with Quest allowing parents to connect with school at the click of a button